7 Things I Love About Volunteering for Palate Coffee Brewery

1. My service goes to a good cause

Did you know all the profits go to fight human trafficking? Palate Coffee Brewery is part of Tina and Carl Kadolph’s anti-trafficking nonprofit Love Missions. They raise awareness in the community and take yearly trips to Guyana to build safe houses for girls rescued out of the sex trade. Pretty cool, huh?

If you want to be part of a good cause but you are, like me, confined to a nine-to-five job, five days a week (with minimal holiday time, thankyouverymuch), volunteering at Palate is an excellent way to help.

2. I get to meet new people!

As a social butterfly, I felt displaced when I first moved to Florida. But volunteering at Palate opened up opportunities for me to meet new people. Some of my closest friends were first customers and fellow volunteers. Now I feel at home at Palate and in Sanford.

3. I get to learn new skills

From latté art to cleaning espresso machines—okay, so maybe I haven’t totally mastered latté art. But I can make a mean tiramisu cappuccino. I also know skills that will come in handy if I ever work at a café or restaurant. So if you’re looking to gain some skills, Palate is the best, low-pressure environment to learn. We teach you everything so no need to have prior coffee knowledge.

4. I get to build relationships with people from the community

Many of our regulars are business owners and fellow Sanfordians that I run into on the street. Now that’s what I call community. #MySanfording

5. I get to brush up on my interpersonal skills

I never deal with difficult customers. But pre-caffeinated people can be a bit light on the charm. That’s why gaining customer service experience has improved my interpersonal skills. I learned how to brighten someone’s day by simply asking how they’re doing. Not to mention, being behind the coffee bar has done wonders to my self-confidence.

6. I have strengthened my work ethic

I’m not the type of person to pick up a broomstick and sweep an entire floorspace. Not willingly, at least. Especially after a long day of work. But knowing that my help goes to a good cause—and working alongside my friends—generates an intrinsic motivation in me. Now I turn on some Bruno Mars and get sweeping. No incentive necessary. Well…I guess…see number 7.

7. I get to drink coffee

It goes without saying, loving coffee and volunteering at Palate go hand-in-hand. Naturally.

So what are you waiting for? Click here to contact the coffeeshop for volunteering. I’m excited to meet you!

Learn more about Love Missions and what you can do to help fight human trafficking here.

Photo Credit: Daniel Bhowanidin