How Palate Throws a Latte Art Throwdown

If you’re reading this, you probably missed out.

If not, read on anyway. It’ll be fun, I promise.

Well, guys, we finally did it. We did what all the cool coffeeshops are doing. We threw a Latté Art Throwdown. Yes, you read that right.

There was live music. There was a pop-up bar. And there was a swarm of baristas from across Central Florida who competed.

Throwdown 7.JPG
Throwdown 4.JPG

Here are three things you need to know about the throwdown:

1. Four of Palate’s baristas competed

Nicole, Heidi, Devon, and Alejandro all got in the competitive spirit.

Go Nicole!

Go Nicole!

2. The judges were aces.

Will from Historic Downtown Sanford, Frank from Golden Hills Coffee Roasters, and Michelle of Trilogy Coffee Roasting Co. each put on their spectacles to inspect the latté art.

Throwdown 8.JPG

3. The winner was Chelsea!

In the final round, the top three baristas—Devon, Daniel, and Chelsea—slung their defining latté. The judges squinted long and hard but their decision was unified.

Chelsea took the crown (and some moola).

Throwdown 10.JPG
Congrats, Chelsea!

Congrats, Chelsea!

Yours truly pulled espresso shots for the competitors so I had an inside look at their latté art game. I must say, all of the baristas blew my mind. So much skill and precision!

What I loved most about the competition was that it brought together people who LOVED coffee. So much so that coffee was an art they practiced and perfected. I have serious respect for these people.

So dear Palate owners, when’s the next Palate Latté Art Throwdown?

Throwdown 1.JPG