Palate Coffee Brewery's Christmas Gift Guide

Not sure what to buy your friends and family for Christmas?

Don’t worry. We do.

For the Sweet-Tooth


You know how it goes. You settle in for a nice cup of tea with your best friend when all of a sudden they sit up straight, squint at their chai, and say, “It’s. Not. Sweet enough.”

Lucky for them, you gifted them with delicious golden, organic honey. Our locally-harvested sweeteners are flying off the shelves like swarms of bumblebees.

For the Cold Coffee Drinker

Special Mug.jpg

We must say, fighting human trafficking is the coolest thing about Palate Coffee Brewery. But you know what the next coolest thing is? These Palate-logo-emblazoned glasses.

We baristas use the tall, skinnier one for iced coffees and lattés, and the shorter, fatter one for nitro cold-brew. But the great thing about buying your own glasses is that you can use them for anything. Even instant coffee (although, we would not endorse that).

For the Fashionista


Nothing says ‘I love Sanford’ like a T-shirt that says ‘I love Sanford.’ Plus, these cotton tees show more than just your Sanford spirit. Spin around and see how the back promotes fighting human trafficking.

For all of us at Palate, those are two things we love: Sanford and fighting human trafficking. Need I say more?

For the Person Who Cares About Their Tabletops

Hot Pot.jpg

Let’s be real: is it really that big of a deal if your mother sets a boiling pot of pasta water right onto your rosewood table?

Answer: yes.

But don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. Give the gift of responsible home ownership with these trivets. Simply place hot pots on them. Trust me, they’ll be fine. Best part is: they look like palettes. (Get it? Palate, palette, pal—never mind.) On top of that, we’ve got precious Palate coasters like nobody’s business.

For Stuffing the Stocking


Everybody needs a keychain. Why not treat your friend with a Palate one? Not only does it hold keys, but when your friend starts to wonder where to get coffee, they can be reminded of where their loyalties lie.’s Palate.

For the Person Who Would Much Rather Shop Themselves

Gift Card.jpg

You can never go wrong with a gift card. But don’t settle for generic cards to generic places. (We won’t name names. We’re better than that.)

But seriously, who doesn’t love a reason to go support their local coffeeshop? Especially when all the profits go to fight human trafficking. It’s a win-win.

From all of us here at Palate Coffee Brewery, Merry Christmas!